Year 8 v Jandakot Saturday 29th August

Going into Saturday’s home game the Year 8 Kats were sitting 3rd on the ladder with 3 wins.

Our round 7 game was against ladder leaders Jandakot Jets who were undefeated. In our previous game against the Jets we went down by 23 points.

1st Quarter

In the first quarter it was a see-saw contest with the Jets showing their trademark running game with quick and direct delivery into their forward line.

Our boys in the back, time and time again, held up the attack with strong contested presence and endeavour.

On the counter the Kats scored 2 inspiring goals through Jordy and Flynn.

The Jets kicked a late goal to jump out to a 2 goal lead. Kats 2.1-13 Jets 4.1-25

2nd Quarter

The second quarter started mostly in our half without troubling the scoreboard however the Jets looked dangerous with fast breaks coming out of defence and delivering directly into their forward line.

Fortunately the Kats fought off the attack notably by strong marks by Noah and Cahil hard at the contest.

A quick midfield turnover in attack resulted in the Jets first goal mid quarter.

The Kats persevered as Sam, Cahil and Flynn working together out of defence and into the forward line often with Jamie providing a key target and taking some good marks.
Michael continued to work hard in the ruck with Lucas showing great ground work in the centre and was instrumental to delivering the ball to Jakeb who converted for a goal in the 11th minute.

The Jets continued to apply significant pressure on the Kats defence however with a strong defensive mark in half back by Olie, sound ground skills and body work by Zac C and contested pressure by Cahil, Lennex and Zac S the boys kept the Jets to the one goal for the quarter. Kats 3.3-21, Jets 5.1-31

3rd Quarter

The third quarter continued with tight contested footy.

Lucas, Olie and ZacC took sound defensive marks in half back while Zac S and Lucas worked together with a great passage of play to deliver the ball to a leading Jamie mark for a kick on goal only to be touched on the line. Lucas’s relentless pressure and tackles around the contest was instrumental in the Kats fighting out the quarter. Flynn and Finn contributed well as a linkage from Sam, Zac S and Olie coming out of the centre. A kick on goal from Flynn bounced the wrong way and encouraging movement by Jordy for pick-ups and snaps on gaol for points meant the Kats weren’t able to capitalise on the scoreboard.
Key spoiling and defensive pressure by Noah, Jamie, Lenox and Christian continued to keep the Jets out. Cahil’s explosive runs out of defence relieved the pressure to some degree however the Jets rebound from their halfback was unabated and with very skilful ball movement were able to penetrate for a goal on two occasions. Kats 3.6-24, Jets 7.3-45

4th Quarter

The Kats started the fourth with energy and confidence.

Sam in particular stepped up his running game with bursts out of the centre kicking for goal in one instance only for it to be crumbed through for a point.
Olly Turner (Year 7) first in a contest on the wing, set up the delivery to Jakeb in the pocket and then a cross inside to Cahil for mark and set goal.
Again, Noah’s defensive marks and smothers were a standout and any loose ball in defence was quickly mopped up by Cahil with support from Zac C and Ben (Year 7) who was a handy assistant. Christian, Lennex and Lucas worked tirelessly in defence and held up against some crashing defensive pack contests to clear it out of defence.

In the 9th minute Sam breaks out of the centre, runs to half forward and lets go of a huge kick to go through for a game highlight goal. Noah’s defensive mark and hand off to Sam who sends it to the wing to Oliver (Year 7) who crumbs and kicks to Jakeb who kicks on goal for a close point.
Lucas holds out defensively in the centre despite being out numbered to allow Zac S and Olie to take marks and run out of the centre and deliver to Finn, Jamie and Cahil with kicks on goal all unfortunately falling short.

The final stages of the game was predominantly played in our forward line but the Kats attempts on goal were held out by strong opposition. At the siren the Kats fall short by a mere 6 points. Kats 5.9-39, Jets 7.3-45.

Jets scoreless in the last quarter speaks volumes of our defence.

The boys played a terrific hard, but fair brand of footy showing fantastic endeavour and persistence. Our boys are bringing the right attitude and discipline to their games and are getting better and better each week and developing a strong team comradery.

A six point loss to the Jets is the second closest against this undefeated team and the third lowest score by the Jets, second only to Canning Vale who sit second on the ladder.

The result was a hard fought game with solid contributions all over the ground.

Thank you and well done to our Year 7 play-ups Olly Turner and Ben Gatti who were a great contribution.