Players’ Player Award

In 2022 the Winnacott Kats Junior Football Club introduced the Players’ Player Award.

The Players’ Player Award is awarded to a player (Year 7 -Year 12) in recognition of their contribution to the team as voted by their fellow players. The award is based on the following criteria –

  • Team – player consistently puts the team first.
  • Attitude – player who actively encourages others, is respectful to all team members (Coaches, Team Managers, Runner etc) Umpires and the opposition. Accepts feed back and maintains a positive approach.
  • Character – is a good role model and respected by team mates.
  • Inspiration – player who inspires the team to do better. Raises the morale or energy of the team.
  • Performance – player consistently contributes 110%  during training sessions and games.

Congratulations to the following players –


Ineeka Wain Y7/8 Girls
Archer Roberts Y7
Liam van der Zanden Y8
Ben Gatti Y10
Holly Rawlin-Smith Y10/11/12 Girls

Noah Marks Y11
Henry Mattner Y12


Taj Dunscombe Y7
Ben Jones Y9
Zac Spark Y10
Holly Rawlin-Smith Y9/10/11 Girls
Ben Elliott Y11
Ethan Yerkovich Y12