The club can be contacted either by post or email. The email address is checked regularly, and on game day there is always a game day manager on duty at the ground.  If in doubt, just speak to the staff in the canteen, and they can direct you to the right people.

PO Box 2079, Kardinya WA 6163

Winnacott Kats JFC 2023 Committee

The Winnacott Kats JFC Committee is a small management committee that heads the Club’s management and administrative structure. It meets regularly, makes decisions, provides recommendations, co-ordinates and delegates to sub-committees and plans for the future. It comprises of the office bearers below.

2023 Executive Committee


Office Bearer – Matt Templeton

Email –

Mobile – 0419 093 490

Vice President Seniors

Office Bearer – Rob Davidson

Email –

Mobile – 0429 380 195

Vice President Juniors

Office Bearer –  Lawrie Pettman

Email –

Mobile – 0438 143 844


Office Bearer – Catherine Elliott

Email –

Mobile –  0423 601 157


Office Bearer – Gloria Fitzgerald

Email –

Mobile – 0414 904 823


Office Bearer – Dean Diamond

Email –

Mobile –


The Executive Committee is assisted by a general committee which comprises of the following positions and persons:

2023 General Positions:

Position Name Mobile Email
Auskick Co-ordinator
Coach Co-ordinator Rob Davidson 0429 380 195
Female Football Representative Phil Fox 0404 997 962
Merchandise Manager  Christina Gatti
Property Manager
Sponsorship Manager  Lawrie Pettman 0438 143 844
Website Manager Gloria Fitzgerald 0414 904 823
Bar Manager Luke van der Zanden
Facebook/Instagram Mel Lanzon
Social/Fundraising Paula Jones-Hunt
Committee Member Mark Strachan 0403 577 181
Committee Member Chris Gatti 
Committee Member Luke van der Zanden