Round 5 2020

Friday 14th August –

• Year 5/6 Girls v Palmyra

The girls 5/6 team played at Melville Reserve on Friday night, at 6pm, against the Palmyra Demons.

Player of the day was Kylie.

Saturday 15th August –

• Year 7 Panthers v  Canning Vale Black

Canning Vale was ready and raring to go, quickly scoring and catching our boys on the back foot.

Canning Vale’s final tally included 20 behinds, reflecting the quality of defence and tackle pressure that the Panthers maintained for the whole game.

Unfortunately this time, despite at times showing some fantastic skills, our boys ran out of puff.

Final score

Winnacott 4.5-29 to Canning Vale 9.20-74

Sunday 16th August –

• Year 3 Jaguars v Canning Vale White

The Jaguars played another wet weather game out at Ranford School Oval against Canning Vale White.

The conditions weren’t favourable, and the Jaguars struggled to score. Stand outs for the team were Josh & Kai.

Too rainy for photos this week!

• Year 5 v Canning Vale Black

The Year 5’s had a hard fought win against Canning Vale with some great marks in the wet weather.

Despite the uncomfortable conditions all players gave 100% and displayed some fantastic teamwork.

Players of the day were Elijah Blackwood and Michael Michalski.

• Year 8 v Kardinya

Final score

Winnacott 11.4-70 to Kardinya 5.7-37

• Year 10 v Jandakot

Round 5 was another wet and windy outing for the Year 10 Kats.

In tough conditions the Kats only kicked one goal one in the first quarter. Jandakot had a 5 point lead at the first break.

The Kats regrouped and kicked 2 goals 3 in the second quarter. Great pace from the midfield and phenomenal tackling saw the game start to go the Kats way and had them in front by 3 points at the main break.

In the 3rd quarter, historically the Kats strongest quarter, the Kats again only managed to kick one goal one.

Heading into the final term the kats hung onto the lead by 4 points.

The Coach’s message at 3/4 time obviously made an impact, with the Kats kicking 5 goals straight in the final quarter and securing a 21 point victory.

Goal scorers – O. Knight (2) and one goal each to E. Bateman, T. Waite, J. Arthurson, B. Martin, R. Maciel, A. Carroll and  J. Johnston

Final score

Winnacott 9.5-59 to Jandakot 6.2-38