The Winnacott Year 11/12 team played Cockburn at Winnacott Reserve on Sunday 16th August.

A great game to play for the team, a great game to Coach and watch for both sides.

Whilst Winnacott easily beat the Cobras on Sunday, the score belies the effort the Cobras brought to the game.

Some very honest and intelligent passages of play saw the Kats utilise the width and depth of the home ground. The team structures are holding true with set ups behind the ball working well to open up the angles and vision of our team.

Forward entries were strong and reliable even if our accuracy was not so great with three times more points than goals. With our Full Back ‘Lasagna’ being very dominant it released ‘Sizzle’ to go into the forward line and keep the ball locked in there for most of the game.
Ishi was once again excellent with his run and carry as were our other forwards Tin Man, Pickett, The Fox and Papa Blurts.

The midfield of Doig/Mort/Archie and Tom were dominant through all quarters working to space were the wingers and best on ground for intensity and ball gets was Cozi.

Short ball control being the winner on the day showing skills training continues to be the most important part of your training sessions.

At the end of the game it was nice to spend time chatting with the Cobras Coach who was interested to know what sort of training we worked on each week. He’s only a couple of years into his coaching and eager to learn new methods that can help his kids. This is what it’s all about – share what we have with each other for the betterment of the game.

Mark Kerspien

Year 11/12 Coach