Round 1

The Winnacott Kats Year 9 Team feature as the Kats Team of the Week for Round 1.
The Year 9’s kicked off season 2020 against East Fremantle Blue at Henry Jeffery Oval on Saturday 18th July at 11.30am

Much like the West Coast Eagles vs Sydney Swans battles in 2005 & 2006, the Winnacott Kats vs East Fremantle games are always tight.

Today was no different with the Kats going down in the last few minutes by 2 points – EF 4 goals 9 points (33) to Kats 5 goals 1 point (31).

The boys will take a lot from the game with some smooth ball movement through the centre, straight goal kicking and desperate defence being highlights.

Thanks to Cahil Fitzgerald (Yr 8) for boosting our numbers and congratulations to Hayden Sharpe, Jacobie Sutherland and Mitch Sheriff on their debut games.