Year 3 Jaguars

The Year 3 Jaguars played their round 4 game against the Year 3 Melville Green at home on Sunday morning. With a forecast for 40km/h winds and 40mm of rain, that all seemed to coincide with  the first ball up we anticipated an intense introduction to Junior Football in proper winter conditions; which is exactly what it turned out to be...

Melville had a 10 goal breeze in the first quarter, but the ability for the boys to ignore the pain from the cold conditions and hold structure in our back half limiting Melville’s opportunities was amazing. The boys demonstrated some great control of the ball in trying conditions and with some courageous tackles we even managed to score against the flow of play.

After the quarter time huddle, which was mainly for warmth, the boys managed to string together some amazing hand balls, kicks and marks to keep the pressure on Melville. This resulted in a flurry of scoring opportunities. It was fantastic to see their efforts rewarded and even though the game was cut short by the inclement weather it was great to see the kids applying what they have learnt, in such difficult conditions.

The score is not the focus with children of this age. It’s is all about having fun, learning the sport, as well as what it means to be a part of a team. Not all kids are able to  identify the fun of standing in the rain and wind, but for much of the game everyone in that team did. I think it says a great deal about the good character of the kids and how they are progressing as a team.

Well done to all the fantastic Year 3 Jaguars!!

Special thanks also to the Matt, Leigh, Colin and all the parents for getting amongst the bad weather and also to Taj Longmuir as goal umpire.

Lawrie Pettman

Year 3 Jaguars Coach

PS - Thanks to Elke Dous  for braving the conditions and in between her Mum duty of hugging her boy warm - she took these amazing shots of our team.

Year 3 Panthers

Wet weather football gives players with the determination to attack every contest a real opp

ortunity to get into the game, and during this weeks’ windy, wet and cold conditions absolutely every one of our Year 3 Panthers stood up to the challenge.

From the time that our Captain, June Ebbett, won the toss and chose to kick with the wind our Panthers had that steely look of determination in their eyes that would see them through the game with a smile on their faces – albeit a little bit shivery and chilly by the end.

Archie Pike set the standard early with some strong contested possessions and combined well with Tom Sloan who slotted our first goal for the day. Tom’s second goal for the

day was a pearler as he drilled a goal from a long range, on his left, kicking into the gale force breeze.

We welcomed a new Panther to the club today, Merceydes Pedrone, who got into the game well and was rewarded with some hard earned kicks. Welcome Merceydes!

Big thanks to Olly D, Olly W, Harvey, Riley, Sam and Nash for helping out the opposition and always doing their best in true Panther spirit.

Players of the day were:

Archie Pike for his strong attack on the ball and never give up attitude, and
Claire Goodwin for her continual effort in being the first one to the contest and getting the ball to her teammates.

Every single one of our Panthers and the Panther Parents played their role today and once again displayed the key elements that the Panthers have fostered since our early AUSKICK days together – Teamwork, Respect and most importantly FUN, FUN, FUN.

This generation of Winnacott Panthers has a fantastic future together. Go the MIGHTY PANTHERS!

Travis Doye

Year 3 Panthers Coach