Saturday 26th June

• Year 8 v Booragoon

Now that the Year 8’s have been moved up to B division each game is an unknown entity that may break our winning streak.

The Bulldogs had also been regraded, coming down from A grade, so it was a nervous start by the Kats.

We quickly discovered this team was different to others we’d come up against so far, they had some agile players that brought more of a running game.

This put our fastest under pressure and in the first quarter we weren’t getting numbers to the ball.

We went into the break 1:3 to 1:1, and the boys were reminded to talk, get to the contest and back up team mates.

A quick goal in the second quarter was encouraging, but the Kats only managed another goal in that spell as pressure from Booragoon spoilt 3 attempts at scoring more.

The half time pep talk revved our boys into a new gear though, and as the on field emotions heated up our boys cracked the Bulldogs and broke away scoring 4:3 to 2:0 taking the difference into the final term to more than 4 goals.

Victory was sweet but it was a wake up call for our boys with the smallest winning margin so far this season.

Final score Kats 9:11: 67 to Booragoon 6:2: 38

• Year 9 v South Coogee

This week we got out to a fast start! Six goals in the first, 13 in the last 3.

To quote our Coach .. “It was a real 4 quarter effort today and great to see the improvement since we played this team in round 1 when we only got them by 12 points. Great to see more of the boys getting involved and finding their confidence”.

Final score: Kats 19.10.124 v South Coogee 7.7.49

Sunday 27th June

• Year 11/12 v South Coogee

Game two against South Coogee and the Kats got off to a sluggish start kicking only 1 point in the first quarter.

In the 2nd quarter the boys played with more intensity and applied great pressure in the back line, out scoring the opposition 3 goals 1 to 2 goals.

In the 3rd quarter at one stage the margin was only 7 points.

Out scored and out run in the final term South Coogee secured another win and dealt the Kats their biggest losing margin of the season to date.

Final score Kats 7.7.49 to South Coogee 12.8.80

Many thanks to Nic and Henry from the Year 10 team for filling in and giving us extra legs on the bench.

Goal kickers – Ethan B (2) and 1 goal each to Jimmy, Charlie L, Aiden, Jack B and Fraser.