The Year 4 Jaguars played Canning Vale Teal on a cold and wet Sunday morning.

Having played them last year we were aware that we were going to be under pressure in our back line and after a few quick goals kicked by Canning Vale the Jaguars lifted their intensity around the ball and managed to be competitive for most of the game.

The boys are beginning to understand the structure required to transition the ball out of defence and to create a scoring opportunity. Whilst we need to work on getting all of our players to engage the contest more and support the player with the ball, each player is continuing to improve every week.

A couple of highlights from the game were Ryal taking on two defenders in a lone effort up forward which resulted in a surprise snap goal 20m out. Oliver ripping the ball from a stoppage in the right forward pocket and in an Eddie Betts type of play, ran towards the boundary, pivots and deliberately checksides a goal from an almost impossible position. Matt, Harry and Alex who worked hard through every contest for four quarters and lastly, Jasper who was awesome all game.

It was great seeing how excited the team gets before the game and this same excitement was present at the end of the game when they could dry off and get out of the cold. Everyone involved with this team is very proud of the effort the boys put in at training and for the games. Well done Jaguars!!

Personal best goes to………….. Jasper. For a massive 4 quarter effort in trying conditions. Showed courage and composure when required and looked after his team mates.