Saturday 17th July

• Year 8 v Canning Vale

After such a soggy week the sun‘s warmth was welcome, but the game started in very slippery conditions.

The Kats won the first clearance, but Canning Vale came back quickly. It seemed we couldn’t hold onto marking opportunities and through unforced errors was turning the ball over with minimal pressure. Canning Vale were thwarting efforts as the Kats got into their forward half, tying up the momentum, then quickly clearing it out of the congested area to an open goal.

Half time saw the scoreboard against us 2 goals 4, but inspiring words encouraging the boys to kick to space ,create leads, back each other and get numbers to the ball resulted in a different Kats team taking the field. Coach asked for 4 goals and the boys gave five! With spectacular footwork, great ball handling, precision kicking and sheer determination the boys turned the previous deficit into a winning margin.

By the final term Canning Vale’s key players were tiring and the Kats hung onto the lead.

Once again the Kats song was sung with gusto after the best game in the season so far. Although it’s also the narrowest win the boys proved

they could come from behind with teamwork, single-mindedness and resilience.

Final score Canning Vale 6:6: 42 to Kats 8:8: 56

• Year 9 v Applecross

When we met in Round 2, Applecross got away to a fast start and although the boys challenged hard, the head start that we gave them was to be the winning margin. The same was not to happen this time around.

Two quick goals kicked in succession within the opening minutes, set up the tone for the rest of the match. I remember thinking to myself – our F&B voters would have their work cut out for them as so many of the boys played very, very well.

A really pleasing effort coming off a 3-week break and with just one training session (since round 😎 under their belts.

Final score: Applecross 9.10.64 to Kats 18.13.121

Sunday 18th July

• Year 9/10 Girls v Roleystone

This week we played Roleystone away .

We had a couple of girls away and a couple of injuries , leaving us with 11 girls available.

Roleystone had 17 players, so we evened up, tossed the coin and played the first half in pretty dire conditions.

Both teams had a red hot go and at three quarter time there was 3 points in it to their favour .

The last quarter was a real arm wrestle and Roleystone came out on top by a couple of goals.

It must be acknowledged the way both teams played and the great sportswomanship that was displayed.

Couldn’t be prouder of our girls.

• Year 11/12 v Bull Creek Leeming

Returning to football a week earlier due to the COVID lock down in June nor the stodgy ground seemed to bother the Year 11/12’s.

Wearing the Winnacott Kats new indigenous jumpers the Kats had an early impact on the scoreboard, kicking 4.2 in the first quarter.

Having five on the bench gave the Kats the opportunity to rest players as required, yet still continue to dominate across all areas of play and on the scoreboard.

The Kats kept the opposition goalless in the 2nd quarter and went into the main break with an 8 goal lead.

In the 3rd quarter the Kats continued their scoring attack, kicking another 3 goals.

Increasing the score by 5.2 in the final term the Kats secured a percentage boosting win.

Final score Bull Creek Leeming 4.7 31 to Kats 17.5 107.

Goal kickers – Riley (4), Jack B and Terry (3), and 1 each to Fraser, Chadd, James, Oscar, Tomas W, Ethan Y and Ben.

The Kats Year 11/12’s also welcomed William to the team, with the traditional drenching whilst singing the club song post match.