Saturday 21st August

• Year 8 v Attadale
The aim of this round was to have a comfortable win against 8th place and to finish as minor premiers injury free.

By the tenth minute of the first quarter some great shepherding in our forward line enabled goal number 3 and then a massive kick from about 40m out scored another. Every time the ball made it closer to the Attadale goals our back line worked hard to turn it around.

The second quarter saw our points equal up with the goal tally before 2nd and 3rd effort footy in the backline brought the ball back to the middle and a kick to kick sequence added the 8th goal.
The score at halftime was 9:8 to nil.

Ball handling fumbles gave the Bombers their first goal and their second came after the quarter end siren.

Running out for the final term Attadale looked tired, but halfway through sloppy play from the Kats handed them an opportunistic goal; but only a minute later we got it back via great teamwork.

Amongst the back patting at the game debrief the boys were reminded to win finals footy marks must be held, tackles have to be hard and kicks need to be straight. The team agreed their game has to be lifted another notch.

Unfortunately two of our champion players suffered hand injuries that now rule them out of finals.

Ben G and Preston have had great seasons and will be missed on the field.

Congrats to Hamish Morris on reaching his 50 game milestone, celebrated with last week’s achiever Ben Gatti.

Final score Kats 14:11.95 to Attadale 3:2.20

 Sunday 22nd August

• Year 11/12 v Canning Vale
Pre game the Kats were hopeful that a win and a lot of good luck would elevate them to 4th on the ladder and into the 2021 finals.

The opening term was goal for goal, with both teams determined to get ahead on the scoreboard. Canning Vale led by 6 points at end of the first quarter – 4:1 25 to 3:1 19.

The Kats seemed sluggish in the second quarter and could only manage 1 goal 3 to Canning Vale’s 3 goals. The margin had stretched to 15 points in favour of the opposition at the main break.

The Coach’s 1/2 time talk must have been special, as the Kats turned up the heat in the 3rd quarter.
Agility and pace through the midfield delivered the ball to Kats target players up forward.
The back line formed a solid force field, blocking most of the oppositions attempts to move the ball into their attacking zone. The Kats added 4 goals 2 to Canning Vale’s 3 points and for the first time the Kats found them selves in front.

As the game entered the last 20 minutes of play, both teams knew the importance of securing a win.
The margin was slim. Each time a goal was kicked, the opposition would reply with a major scoring shot at the other end of the oval for their team.
In the end though it was the Kats who celebrated a very gutsy win.

Final score Winnacott 11:10.76 to Canning Vale 10:4. 64

Goals – Terry and Jack B (3), Charlie L, James, Chadd, Taj and Riley (1)