Saturday 1st May

• Year 8 v Applecross
This was the first time that the merged teams of the 2020 Year 7 Panthers and Year 7 Tigers had come together in a game, and the excitement was obvious.
Most of the boys had been training since before the school holidays and they were keen to get on the field.
The big difference in 2021 is a full bench, and it became very clear this would put the Kats in a favourable position.
The game started with a quick goal to each team and although Applecross didn’t stop trying, the lead stretched out as the game progressed.
At half time the score was 37 to 8.
Our boys demonstrated excellent play on football and their shepherding improved as the game went on.
In the end it was a comfortable win.
Kats 12:22:94 Applecross 2:3:15
• Year 9 v South Coogee
With 4 new players and a new Coach to the team this year, we are pleased with this result, a great start to our season.
Kats 13.14.92 South Coogee 12.8.80

Sunday 2nd May

• Year 4 Jaguars v Attadale
The day started cold, but quickly warmed up next to the Swan River on a lovely Autumn morning. Our team really held their own in the first half, it was only in the second half that the Attadale team managed to kick ahead with a few extra goals.
Player of the day as voted by our exec team of Coach, Runner, TM and First Aider was : Matt Egan.
• Year 4 Panthers v Bull Creek Leeming
The Year 4 Panthers were keen to start the 2021 season and after a slow start Riley Burt managed to get the team on the scoreboard with a cracker of a goal.
The whole team chipped in well throughout the game with a couple of special mentions going to Kai who always plays well, Harvey who was as solid as they come in the backline and Archie and Ben for their high flying marking.
Can’t wait for round 2!
• Year 10 v Roleystone
The Winnacott Year 10’s opened their 2021 campaign vs Roleystone at Springdale Park on Sunday afternoon.
The team welcomed 5 debutants in Bailey, Ky, Elliot, Luke and Henry and in magnificent conditions, the team put together a very polished display to run out winners by 113 points 20:19 (139) – 4:2 (26).
Goal scorers: Ky, Nic, Lawson (3), Henry, Ben E, Nat (2), Bailey, Harvey, Josh, Luke & Alex (1).
A magnificent way to start the season and an instant reward for the boys who have had a lengthy preseason.
• Year 11 v Jandakot
The Year 11’s welcomed three new players to the team Jack B, Charlie and Terrance.
Jandakot got the jump on the Kats with a few quick and unanswered goals in the first quarter.
The second quarter saw the Kats kick their first major for the game.
At 3/4 time the Kats were back in the game and trailed by just 2 points.
Unfortunately Jandakot out scored the Kats in the final term and won by 14 points.
Goals to Ben (2), Jack B (2) and Ethan Y (1)
Kats 5.6 36 Jandakot 6.14.50