Congratulations to the following players on playing either their 50th or 100th game of junior footy during season 2011.

50 Games

James Buckley Y6 Lions
Kieran Hawks Y6 Lions
Aaron Meadowcroft Y6 Lions
Brett Moriarty Y6 Lions
Jeremy Burke Y6 Lions
Matthew Rankin Y6 Lions
Daniel Hughes Y6 Lions

Nicholas Patat Y6 Tigers
Thomas Wright Y6 Tigers
Liam Dunscombe Y6 Tigers
Matthew Geaney Y6 Tigers
Austin Jones Y6 Tigers
Michael Moyle Y6 Tigers
Adam Shoeib-Grose Y6 Tigers

Jaidyn Paul 13’s Lions
Alex Isaia 13’s Lions
Jayden Thomas 13’s Lions
Cooper Culling 13’s Lions

Brayden Hill 13’s Panthers
Bryce Earl 13’s Panthers
Lucas Tunissen 13’s Panthers

Daniel Miller 14’s Kats
Ben Raxworthy 14’s Kats

Josh Rasmus 15’s Kats
Conor Boyd 15’s Kats

100 Games

Adam Boucher 14’s Kats
Joel McComb 14’s Kats

Benjamin Ianello 15’s Kats
Joshua Platt 15’s Kats
Adam Wilcock 15’s Kats
Mitchell Smith 15’s Kats
Jacob Lane 15’s Kats
Bronson Spencer 15’s Kats
Luke Ireland 15’s Kats
Jacob Dragovich 15’s Kats

Edward Pinkerton 16’s Kats
Ben Edmunds 16’s Kats
Braydon da Siva 16’s Kats

Joel Munro 17’s Kats