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The Winnacott Kats annual Team Photos will be taken over two days – Saturday 12th September and Sunday 13th September.

Please see the link below for the photo timetable

Photography Schedules – Winnacott Kats JFC Official Photos 2020 v2

• Players are to wear royal blue footy shorts and socks. Playing jumpers for photos will be provided on the morning.

• Coaches and Team Managers are requested to wear a Winnacott club polo for the photos, or Auskick polo shirt.

• Coaches and Team Managers for all youth teams are requested to wear a Winnacott club polo and black trousers for photos.

•• At the request of the Photographers parents are NOT permitted in the clubrooms whilst the team photos are being taken. Extra people in the room can be very distracting, especially to the younger players.

All players will receive an A4 team poster.

Parents can order additional photos or individual photos via the link below


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