FAQ – 2017 Junior Football



How do I register to play football at the Winnacott Kats?



Registrations for the Junior competition (players Year 3 - Year 12) is online via the Sports TG. Please use the link below to register or go to the Registration tab on this website.







What is the cost to play?



Registration fees vary depending on the age group you are registering for. Please see below the Registration fees for 2017.

Year 3 - $130.00 per player

Year 4 - Year 7 - $195.00 per player

Year 8 - Year 12 (Fremantle Conference) - $200.00 per player



How do I pay my fees?



Fees can be paid online at the time of registration via Sports TG, using your credit card.


Alternatively, payment may be made by EFT. To pay via EFT please see below for the bank details.

Account Name ………………………………Winnacott Kats Junior Football Club
Account Number …………………………….305859
BSB Number …………………………………036302
If paying fees by EFT please include the player/s name as a reference.


The Club may also, from time to time, have access to an EFTPOS machine. If you wish to access this, then please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The Club will also accept payment by cheque. One the back of the cheque, please write the name of the player/s you are paying for. Please make cheques payable to “Winnacott Kats Junior Football Club” and send cheques to


The Treasurer

Winnacott Kats Junior Football Club

PO Box 2079





Is the club registered for Kidsport?



Yesthe Winnacott Kats are a Kidsport registered club. To apply for Kidsport please use the link below


Completed and approved Kidsport application forms must be forwarded to the Treasurer.




What do I need to wear/bring on game day?



ALL players in the Junior competition (Year 3 - Year 12) are required to wear Winnacott football shorts and footy socks (royal blue). Shorts and socks can be purchased from the club.

ALLplayers in the Junior competition are required to wear a mouth guard. No mouth guard = No game, No Exceptions.

ALL players are required to wear WAFC approved football boots. Boots with metal sprigs are not permitted.

Players will be provided with a club jersey to wear on game day.

It is recommended that all players bring a water bottle with them on game day.




How can I find out where my team is playing and at what time?


Answer: Have a look on the 'Fixtures' tab section on this website or can look up team fixtures using the East Fremantle District Sports TG link as below.




Please ensure you check the fixtures for your team each week. Fixtures are subject to change, especially at the beginning of the season.




Where are the ovals for the opposition teams located and how can I find them?


Ground locations (ovals or reserves) are included on the East Fremantle District Sports TG fixture site. Please see previous question for the link. 

Click on the link for the map you require (located at the bottom of each teams fixture) and you will be directed to google maps.




Can my Daughter play Junior Football?



Yes girls can play junior football.

Girls can play either in a team with boys up until the age of 15 in the East Fremantle Junior Football competition. Alternatively girls can join an all girls team as an under 12's or under 15's players. Girls can also play in a Cross District competition for a Youth Girls team if they are aged between 13 and 18 years of age.



Can I join the Committee?



If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member you should contact the current Club President. During the year due to people moving or leaving the area, some positions become vacant. 

The normal process to become a committee Member is  to have someone nominate you for a position when the Annual General Meeting is held. The Club then votes on the recommendation and you become a duly elected member. Note however, that if more than one person is nominated for a position, the elected person must have the greater amount of votes. 

Volunteers and helpers are always needed for club this size. So if you can't become a Committee Member and would still like to assist on the BBQ, at a function or can help in other ways, please contact a Committee Member.



How do I become a Club Sponsor?



Check out the Sponsors tab on the home page of the Kats website for details about sponsorship opportunities.





Where can I see a copy of the Club Constitution? 



The club constitution is a document stating the rules of the club. A copy of the constitution can be found under the 'Policies' tab on the home page on the website.

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